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10May / 2013

XGS Micro Edition

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The XGameStation Micro Edition (XGS ME) is a retro-inspired educational video game console designed specifically for both hardware and software hackers. The system is powered by an 80 MIP RISC processor, has direct raster controlled graphics, 3-channel sound, a built-in programmer, and is capable of outputting both NTSC and PAL composite video. Additionally, to round out the retro-roots of the XGS, it's directly compatible with vintage Atari 2600 joysticks as well as custom-designed game pads.
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Written by: ALamothePublished In: Gaming SystemsHits: 1465Comment: 10
The HYDRA is more or less a minimal part count gaming platform to show off the capabilities of the Propeller chip. The hardware around the Propeller chip enhances functionality and interfacing, but doesn’t add computational elements, thus all work performed by the HYDRA is solely the responsibility of the Propeller chip.
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