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XGS™ AVR 8-Bit Development System
The XGS™​ AVR 8-Bit is the ultimate fusion of art and science (check out videos..
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XGS™ PIC 16-Bit Development System
The XGS™​ PIC 16-Bit is the ultimate fusion of art and science (check out the v..
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XGameStation™ Micro Edition
Imagine understanding how video game systems are designed and developed at an engineer'..
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125x85 Infrared SMT SMD BGA Rework Station IRDA Welder
You are looking at an Infrared SMT SMD BGA Rework Station IRDA Welder (Cat No: T-862) that is suitab..
Logic Analyzer
This is a must have tool for analyzing, evaluating and "seeing" digital serial communicati..
Scribbler 2 Robot (Includes USB Adapter & Cable)
The S2 robot is suitable for a whole variety of programming skills. The Scribbler robot ar..
2.8" LCD Touch Screen Display
This intelligent LCD touch screen display module adds interactive, multimedia functionality to your ..
SumoBot Robot Competition Kit - Serial (Includes USB Adapter & Cable)
Build and program two high-quality SumoBot® Robots designed to wrestle in their own mini-sumo co..
Boe-Bot Robot Kit - USB
Build your own rolling robot with a BASIC Stamp 2 microcontroller brain. Just follow the clear, step..
Chameleon™ PIC 16-Bit System
The Chameleon™ PIC 16-Bit is the evolution of the high performance, small footprint,..
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2 x 16 Parallel LCD
The 2 x 16 Parallel LCD can be controlled via a 4-bit or 8-bit parallel interface. It allows you to ..
Board of Education Full Kit - USB
The Board of Education "Full Kit" contains a Board of Education® carrier board, BASIC ..
Board of Education Shield (for Arduino)
Plug the Board of Education Shield into your own Arduino for convenient breadboard prototyping and s..
For sensing color, the ColorPAL uses its LED to illuminate a sample, one color component at a time, ..
Composite A/V Cable
This is a cable that let you plug your board to a common TV or Video monitor that has an RCA input s..