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Aoyue 937+ Digital Soldering Station
This is a 45 watt digital soldering station that has a 1 degree C control. Features: ESD Safe Long L..
Pro Soldering Tool Kit
This is a complete DIY Soldering kit that includes a Panavise circuit board holder and has instructi..
Basic Soldering Tool Kit
This complete soldering kit includes everything you need to solder your electronics projects. The ki..
SumoBot Robot
Build and program two high-quality SumoBot® Robots designed to wrestle in their own mini-sumo co..
Battery Holder 5-AA Barrel Jack
This battery holder accepts 5 AA cells. It is designed to mount inside our rectangular brushed-alumi..
FLORA GPS Starter Pack
Looking for the perfect way to get started with wearable electronics? Look no further than the FLORA..
Propeller Project Board USB
This board is for projects that need a permanent home. Its low cost, feature-rich, and simple design..