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X-TRONIC MODEL #9020-XTS has many great features that make it the best 4-in-1 Hot Air Rework / Solde..
Digital Multimeter
This versatile DMM offers a host of features in 59 ranges. Test AC and DC voltage, AC and DC current..
Mastech MS8229 Auto-Range 5-in-1 Multi-functional Digital Multimeter
The newly released Sinometer MS8229 DMM is an improved and modified version of the widely praised Ma..
ActivityBot Robot Kit
Learn real-world engineering skills with the friendly, capable, and peppy ActivityBot. It's a gr..
Altimeter Module MS5607
The Altimeter Module is a high resolution (20 cm) altimeter sensor. It will give extremely accurate,..
Caster Wheel Kit Rev. B
This kit contains a single, precision-machined caster assembly. High-quality 6061 machined aluminum ..
Compass Module 3-Axis HMC5883L
The Compass Module is designed for low-field magnetic sensing with a digital interface. Perfect to g..
DS1620 Digital Thermometer
The DS1620 is a complete digital thermometer on a chip, capable of replacing the normal combination ..
EasyVR Development Kit
The EasyVR is a multi-purpose speech recognition module designed to add a versatile and robust speec..
Emic 2 Text-to-Speech Module
Give your project a voice! Designed in conjunction with Grand Idea Studio, the Emic 2 Text-to-S..
eTape Liquid Level Sensor
Solid-state eTape sensors make it easier to monitor the height of fluids — liquid or a fine po..
Gyroscope Module 3-Axis L3G4200D
Raw angular rate and temperature data measurements are accessed from the selectable digital I2C or S..
High Speed Continuous Rotation Servo
Parallax's High Speed Continuous Rotation Servo offers easily controlled bi-directional rotation..
LM34 Temperature Sensor
The LM34 is a precision Fahrenheit temperature sensor in a standard TO-92 package suitable for remot..
Memsic 2125 Dual-axis Accelerometer
The Memsic 2125 is a low cost, dual-axis thermal accelerometer capable of measuring tilt, accelerati..