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The C3Synapse™ adds 512K bytes of parallel access SRAM to the PropC3™, taking the PropC3..
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Camera Mount
This kit contains all the components needed to attach most small-sized cameras to your ELEV-8 or sim..
Composite A/V Cable
This is a cable that let you plug your board to a common TV or Video monitor that has an RCA input s..
Game Console Starter Kit
The Game Console Starter Kit is the ultimate resource for getting you started with game console deve..
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Game Console Starter Kit 2.0 [Self Study Course]
The Game Console Starter 2.0 "Self Study Course" is a CD-ROM based 12 lesson embedded syst..
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HYDRA™ 128K FLASH Memory Expansion Card
Need more space for your games and applications? The HYDRA™​ 128K Memory Expansion Card&n..
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The HYDRA™ EtherX Card completes the HYDRA™ system expanding the cap..
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HYDRA™ SD Max Storage Card
The HYDRA™ SD Max Storage Card (HYDRA SD MAX) completes the HYDRA™ s..
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The HYDRA™​ XTREME 512K Card (HX512) completes the HYDRA™ system giv..
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Intova Sport HD Camera
Small and compact, SP1 offers full 1080p High Definition Video with a 140 degree wide angle lens. Th..
Optical Finger Navigation (OFN) Module
The Optical Finger Navigation (OFN) Module can add a unique human interface component to your BASIC ..
Propeller Chip - 40-Pin DIP Chip
The Propeller chip is a multicore microcontroller that is programmable in high-level languages (Spin..
Propeller Professional Development Board
The Propeller Professional Development Board is a high-quality, fully-integrated development platfor..
Si1143 Gesture Sensor
The Si1143 Gesture Sensor is great for non-contact gesture recognition in microcontroller applicatio..
Trackball Module
This product is only available for a limited time while supplies last. Add a fun human interface ..