Development Kits

This category is a catch all for anything that could be considered a development kit or starter board for microcontrollers, programmable logic, and related technologies.

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FLORA GPS Starter Pack
Looking for the perfect way to get started with wearable electronics? Look no further than the FLORA..
Game Console Starter Kit
The Game Console Starter Kit is the ultimate resource for getting you started with game console deve..
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Game Console Starter Kit 2.0 [Self Study Course]
The Game Console Starter 2.0 "Self Study Course" is a CD-ROM based 12 lesson embedded syst..
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HomeWork Board - USB
The BASIC Stamp HomeWork Board is ideal for learning circuits, electronics, and microcontroller prog..
P8X32A Propeller QuickStart
The P8X32A QuickStart is a simple and accessible development platform for the P8X32A Propeller micro..
Propeller ASC+
The Propeller ASC+ is an Arduino Shield-compatible prototyping system designed to use existing Ardui..
Propeller Board of Education
The form of the original Board of Education meets the powerful function of the multicore Propeller m..
Propeller Professional Development Board
The Propeller Professional Development Board is a high-quality, fully-integrated development platfor..
Propeller Project Board USB
This board is for projects that need a permanent home. Its low cost, feature-rich, and simple design..
PropStick USB
The PropStick USB is a rapid development tool for the powerful 8-cog multiprocessing Propeller micro..
Super Carrier Board
Low-cost through-hole development board for the BASIC Stamp 1 (BS1-IC) and the 24-pin BASIC Stamp 2 ..
SX Tech Board
The SX Tech board provides a project development area for the SX microcontroller. Simply plug in the..
WIZnet Ethernet Board for QuickStart (W5200)
The WIZnet W5200 for QuickStart allows your QuickStart board to serve data to an Ethernet network or..
XGameStation™ Pico Edition Kit 1.0
The XGameStation™ Pico Edition is based on the technologies of its bigger brother the&nbs..
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XGameStation™ Pico Edition Kit 2.0
The XGameStation Pico Edition 2.0 is based on the technologies of its bigger brother the&n..
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