XBee 5V/3.3V Adapter Board
XBee 5V/3.3V Adapter BoardXBee 5V/3.3V Adapter Board
XBee 5V/3.3V Adapter Board

XBee 5V/3.3V Adapter Board

Manufacturer: Parallax
Product Code: WiFi-XBee-5-3.3v-Ad-Brd_32401
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XBee Adapter Board 5/3.3v.

This low cost XBee 3.3-5V Adapter Board comes in partially assembled kit form and provides a cost-effective solution for interfacing your microcontroller to any XBee or XBee Pro module (see Associated Modules below). A voltage regulator and 74LVC244A buffer is included onboard for safe interfacing to a 5 V supply, allowing for easy compatibility with any Parallax microcontroller.

Key Features:

  • Onboard 3.3 V regulator and 5 V to 3.3 V logic converters.   
  • Four status indicator LEDs for Power, RSSI, Associate, and mode (sleep/ON).   
  • Converts XBee 2mm pin spacing to breadboard friendly 0.1" spacing.   
  • Provides easy pluggable wire or solder connections. 
  • Pin out compatible with other XBee USB Adapter Board.
  • Compatible with all Parallax 3.3 V and 5 V microcontrollers.


  • Voltage requirements: 3.3-5VDC.
  • Current requirements: Varies with XBee Model.
  • Communication: Serial pass-through to XBee module.
  • Dimensions: 1.51 x 1.00 x 0.58* in (38.3 x 25.6 x 14.8*mm)  * when headers are attached.
  • Operating temp range: -40 to +158 °F (-40 to +70 °C).

Kit Contents:

  • 1 - XBee 5V/3.3V Adapter PCB.
  • 2 - 10-pin 2mm sockets   
  • 1 - 40-pin SIP header.        

NOTES: Soldering assembly required. Tools Required: Soldering Iron, Solder, Flux, Diagonal Cutters or Hobby Knife and Safety Glasses. Reference Parallax Basic Soldering Kit or Pro Soldering Tool Kit.

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