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Altimeter Module MS5607
The Altimeter Module is a high resolution (20 cm) altimeter sensor. It will give extremely accurate,..
eTape Liquid Level Sensor
Solid-state eTape sensors make it easier to monitor the height of fluids — liquid or a fine po..
FlexiForce Sensor Demo Kit
This will allow you to demonstrate the resistive nature of the sensor with a resistor/capacitor disc..
Optical Finger Navigation (OFN) Module
The Optical Finger Navigation (OFN) Module can add a unique human interface component to your BASIC ..
Piezo Film Vibra Tab
This vibration sensor is model LTD0 manufactured by Measurement Specialties. Whether used as a vibra..
Reed Switch and Magnet
This reed switch works like a standard switch but uses a magnetic field rather than a push button or..
SCP1000 Pressure Sensor Module
The SCP1000 Pressure Sensor Module is an absolute pressure sensor which can detect atmospheric press..