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HS1101 Humidity Sensor
Based on a unique capacitive cell, these relative humidity sensors are designed for high volume, cos..
Infrared Receiver
Infrared receiver with 38 kHz carrier frequency, for use with our IR Transmitter Assembly Kit. ..
Infrared T1 3/4 LED
T1 3/4 Infrared light emitting diode, for breadboard or through-hole projects. Frequently used wi..
Intova Sport HD Camera
Small and compact, SP1 offers full 1080p High Definition Video with a 140 degree wide angle lens. Th..
Introduction to Sensors Sampler Pack
Four of Parallax's most popular sensors are brought together in this sample pack.  These sm..
IR Remote Parts Kit
With a universal remote and an infrared receiver, you can add a wireless keypad to your BASIC Stamp&..
IR Transmitter Assembly Kit
The IR Transmitter Kit consists of: IR LED, LED Standoff, and LED Light Shield. Assem..
Laser Range Finder
Designed in conjunction with Grand Idea Studio, the Parallax Laser Range Finder (LRF) Module is..
LM34 Temperature Sensor
The LM34 is a precision Fahrenheit temperature sensor in a standard TO-92 package suitable for remot..
LPG (Propane) Gas Sensor
The LPG Gas Sensor Module is designed to allow a microcontroller to determine when a preset propane ..
LPG (Propane) Gas Sensor Module
The LPG (Propane) Gas Sensor Module is designed to allow a microcontroller to determine when a prese..
Melexis 90217 Hall-Effect Sensor
Parallax has worked with the Melexis 90217 sensor in applications including CNC milling machine spin..
Memsic 2125 Dual-axis Accelerometer
The Memsic 2125 is a low cost, dual-axis thermal accelerometer capable of measuring tilt, accelerati..
MMA7455 3-Axis Accelerometer Module
The Freescale Semiconductor MMA7455L 3-Axis Digital Output Accelerometer is a low power, micro machi..
Optical Finger Navigation (OFN) Module
The Optical Finger Navigation (OFN) Module can add a unique human interface component to your BASIC ..