PropScope USB Oscilloscope
PropScope USB Oscilloscope
PropScope USB Oscilloscope
PropScope USB OscilloscopePropScope USB Oscilloscope
PropScope USB OscilloscopePropScope USB OscilloscopePropScope USB Oscilloscope

PropScope USB Oscilloscope

Manufacturer: Parallax
Product Code: TEST-Propscope-01_32220
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Price: $199.99

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The PropScope is a two-channel oscilloscope that is capable of reading 25 million samples per second with ten bits of resolution over one, two, ten, or twenty volt peak-to-peak waveforms. Power is provided through the USB port requiring only a single cable to connect the PropScope to any laptop or desktop PC.

A built-in expansion port allows additional capabilities and upgrades, by simply plugging in an expansion card. A PropScope DAC card is even included, providing an analog trigger, a four-bit digital trigger, an eight-bit digital to analog converter, and a four-bit NTSC/PAL output.

The included software provides a traditional scope interface along with auto measurements and the ability to store and export waveforms. The software also provides features not normally available in a stand-alone oscilloscope, including a function generator, a logic analyzer, a spectrum analyzer, a vector-scope, and more.

Key Features:

  • 2 input channels.
  • 25 Msps Maximum Sample Rate.
  • 20 Vpp maximum input range (-10 V to +10 V when DC-coupled).
  • 10-bit input resolution over either the entire 20 Vpp range, or selectable 10, 2, and 1 Vpp ranges.
  • 1x/10x selectable probes.


  • Power requirements: USB powered.
  • Communication: USB.
  • Dimensions: 2.71 x 4.67 x 1.08 in (68.8 x 118.6 x 27.4 mm).
  • Operating temp range: +32 to +158 °F (0 to +70 °C).

Included Expansion Card Features:

  • External analog trigger with a -10 V to +10 V input range.
  • 4-bit digital input and trigger.
  • Arbitrary waveform generator with an 8-bit DAC and selectable -1.5 to 1.5 and 0 to 4.9 voltage ranges.
  • 4-bit DAC for generating NTSC and PAL signals.

NOTE: It is recommended that current Propeller users upgrade the Propeller Tool to version 1.2.7 or higher, to prevent conflicts with the PropScope. 

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