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PMB-688 SiRF GPS Internal/External Antenna
The PMB-688 GPS features 20 parallel satellite-tracking channels for fast acquisition of NMEA0183 v2..
Pololu IR Beacon Transceiver
The Pololu IR Beacon Transceivers are devices meant to be used in pairs to give robots a simple mean..
Programming & Customizing the Multicore Propeller Microcontroller: Official Guide
Parallax brought together nine experienced authors lead by André LaMothe to write 12 chapters..
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Programming the Propeller with Spin: A Beginner's Guide to Parallel Processing
Programming the Propeller with Spin: A Beginner's Guide to Parallel Processing walks you through..
Propeller ASC+
The Propeller ASC+ is an Arduino Shield-compatible prototyping system designed to use existing Ardui..
Propeller Board of Education
The form of the original Board of Education meets the powerful function of the multicore Propeller m..
Propeller Chip - 40-Pin DIP Chip
The Propeller chip is a multicore microcontroller that is programmable in high-level languages (Spin..
Propeller Education Kit Labs: Fundamentals
This text is an updated and printed compilation of the Fundamentals labs in the Propeller Educa..
Propeller Professional Development Board
The Propeller Professional Development Board is a high-quality, fully-integrated development platfor..
Propeller Project Board USB
This board is for projects that need a permanent home. Its low cost, feature-rich, and simple design..
PropStick USB
The PropStick USB is a rapid development tool for the powerful 8-cog multiprocessing Propeller micro..
QTI Sensor
The QTI Sensor is an infrared emitter/receiver that is able to differentiate between a dark surface ..
Reed Switch and Magnet
This reed switch works like a standard switch but uses a magnetic field rather than a push button or..
RFID Reader USB + Tag Sampler
This handy RFID kit (serial version) matches our popular RFID Reader with various assorted tags..
RN-42 Bluetooth Module
The RN-42 Bluetooth Module provides a reliable method for creating a wireless serial communication i..