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Crawler Kit for Boe-Bot Robot
Make your Boe-Bot® Robot a Crawler with this accessory kit. Includes printed documentation with ..
 MACH64™ Programmable Logic Starter Kit
The MACH64™ Programmable Logic Starter Kit takes you from mystery to mastery in the ..
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(GWS) NARO Servo
Get the performance of a standard servo in a smaller lighter package. The Parallax (GWS) NARO Ser..
2 x 16 Parallel LCD
The 2 x 16 Parallel LCD can be controlled via a 4-bit or 8-bit parallel interface. It allows you to ..
34 Watt Solar Panel Kit
Parallax’s 34 Watt Solar Panel Kit is a do-it-yourself system that can produce up to a maximum..
4-Directional Tilt Sensor
The 4-Directional Tilt Sensor uses an optical system to provide positional feedback in four directio..
433 MHz RF Transceiver
This easy-to-use module is capable of sending and receiving serial data wirelessly between microcont..
4x4 Matrix Membrane Keypad
This 16-button keypad provides a useful human interface component for microcontroller projects. Conv..
6 3/4" x 2 9/16" Breadboard
This breadboard can be used to prototype electronic circuits without soldering. It works great for c..
850NM T1 3/4 Phototransistor
This phototransistor responds to visible light as well as the lower infrared range. While not a d..
Altimeter Module MS5607
The Altimeter Module is a high resolution (20 cm) altimeter sensor. It will give extremely accurate,..
Atari 2600 Compatible Joystick
We offer an ATARI 2600 pin-compatible joystick for use with gaming systems that use 9..
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Atmel AVRISP mkII In-System Programmer
AVR® In-System Programmer mkII is used for field upgrades of AVR Flash microcontrollers. The AVR..
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BASIC Stamp 1 Microcontroller Module
It's amazing what you can accomplish with this proven microcontroller and its simple PBASIC 1 la..
BASIC Stamp 2 Microcontroller Module
The BASIC Stamp 2 serves as the brains inside of electronics projects and applications that require ..