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XGS™ PIC 16-Bit Development System
The XGS™​ PIC 16-Bit is the ultimate fusion of art and science (check out the v..
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The PropC3™ is a true “Credit-Card–sized Computer” that augments the Propell..
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XGameStation™ Micro Edition
Imagine understanding how video game systems are designed and developed at an engineer'..
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125x85 Infrared SMT SMD BGA Rework Station IRDA Welder
You are looking at an Infrared SMT SMD BGA Rework Station IRDA Welder (Cat No: T-862) that is suitab..
X-TRONIC MODEL #9020-XTS has many great features that make it the best 4-in-1 Hot Air Rework / Solde..
Aoyue 937+ Digital Soldering Station
This is a 45 watt digital soldering station that has a 1 degree C control. Features: ESD Safe Long L..
Black Art of Video Game Console Design (Hard Copy)
Written by André LaMothe, the world's best selling game programming author, Bla..
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Display µOLED 128 G2
This display uses simple commands to control foreground and background color. It can also produce te..
Pro Soldering Tool Kit
This is a complete DIY Soldering kit that includes a Panavise circuit board holder and has instructi..
Understanding Signals with the PropScope Parts & Text Kit
This kit includes the PropScope USB, electronic components for breadboard circuits, and a printed te..
3.2" LCD Touch Screen Display with Adapter and microSD Card
This intelligent LCD touch screen display module adds interactive, multimedia functionality to your ..
Basic Soldering Tool Kit
This complete soldering kit includes everything you need to solder your electronics projects. The ki..
Design Your Own Video Game Console eBook
Written by André LaMothe, the world's best selling game programming author, Des..
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PropScope USB Oscilloscope
The PropScope is a two-channel oscilloscope that is capable of reading 25 million samples per second..
 Game Programming for the Propeller-Powered HYDRA™ Book
Game Programming for the Propeller-Powered HYDRA™, written by André LaMothe i..
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