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robot_designs_a_virtual_pcb iC0nstruX.com is your one stop shop for embedded systems, robotics and accessories for educational, hobby and professionals alike.  We also sell Indie developer products and we can work with you to put your product on our site and even help you manufacture it with our parent company Nurve Networks LLC. Click the Sell Ur Stuff!!! link on the left/blue panel if you're interested.

For those interested in Learning Electronics and how to Design their OWN Circuit Boards, check out the new course from Udemy - "Crash Course Electronics and PCB Design" use Discount Code HAL9000 and tell them iC0nstrux.com sent you! 

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Watch our intro video to the left and take a look around our site at our latest electronic kits, development boards, books, projects, and other cool products. If there is something you don't see and think we should stock it, let us know on the Contact page.

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