Laser Range Finder
Laser Range Finder
Laser Range Finder
Laser Range FinderLaser Range Finder
Laser Range FinderLaser Range FinderLaser Range Finder

Laser Range Finder

Manufacturer: Parallax
Product Code: Sensors-Laser-Finder_28044
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Laser Range Finder.Laser Range Finder.Laser Range Finder - component side.

Designed in conjunction with Grand Idea Studio, the Parallax Laser Range Finder (LRF) Module is a distance-measuring instrument that uses laser technology to calculate the distance to a targeted object. The design uses a Propeller processor, CMOS camera, and laser diode to create a low-cost laser range finder. Distance to a targeted object is calculated by optical triangulation using simple trigonometry between the centroid of laser light, camera, and object.

Key Features:

  • Compact module with integrated CMOS camera and laser system.
  • Optimal measurement range of 6–48 inches (15–122 cm) with an accuracy error <5%, average 3%.
  • Maximum object detection distance of ~8 feet (2.4 meters).
  • Range finding sample rate of 1Hz.
  • Single row, 4-pin, 0.1” header for easy connection to a host system.

Application Ideas:

  • Distance or liquid level measurements.
  • Object detection and/or avoidance.
  • Item counting.


  • Power requirements: 5 VDC @ 150 mA.
  • Communication: Asynchronous serial; 300–115,200 baud with automatic baud rate detection.
  • Dimensions: 3.95 x 1.55 x 0.67 in (10.05 x 3.95 x 1.7 cm).
  • Operating temp range: +32 to 122 °F (0 to +50 °C).

DANGER! Class IIIa Laser Product, 3 mW Maximum Output @ 635 nm, Avoid Direct Eye Exposure.

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