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Sell Ur Stuff !!! is one of the most exciting parts about One of the hardest things to do after you develop a product is to sell it online and get distribution. Most distributors want a 30-40% net margin, they want to hold the stock, and they want you to pay for a "return reserve" in other words, they hold a percentage of your sales back to account for returns.

At, we know that you can easily put your product on eBay, Amazon and other online retailers, but they aren't going to collaborate with you and help you sell you product. You may be the world's greatest engineer, but did you write any documentation for your product? Is there a video? How's the customer experience and presentation? Do you have some cool demos and screen shots? We aren't going to do the work for you, but we have developed a lot of products, and we know exactly what you need to do to put a product out there that has a chance of succeeding.

How Does it Work?

First, you get your product ready to go, documented, debugged, manufactured, and ready to ship. Of course, if you need some help or input on these last steps, we are ready to help. Either way, once you have your product ready to go, simple email or call us and tell us about it, send us information, screen shots, demos, videos, whatever you have, so we can see the product and determine if it's quality and relevant to our customer  base. Then once we accept the product, we will execute a simple contract that stipulates the terms of the arrangement and that we will sell the product for you, collect the money, and handle eCom, etc. while you are responsible for shipping the product, dealing with returns, and customer support.

Additionally, you will be responsible for all your own taxes, and we will send you a 1099 tax form at the end of the year (or similar form if you are not a USA seller). Of course, we will support your product on your forums and help if we can, but you are the expert and we will refer customers to you if in doubt. Next, we will collect all the aforementioned information (and more), and create a webpage for the product and make the product live by putting out a news item and putting the item as a new product on the site's front page (until there is another new product of course).

How Do I Get Paid and How Much?

It's really simple, we sell the product, and collect the customer information, payment, etc. then each time we get one or more orders, we will send you a report in email. This report will list the customer names, addresses, and what they purchased. Then it's your job to send each their product in 3-5 business days (or whatever we stipulate in the contract for your particular product). Now, one thing we want to avoid is "on demand manufacturing". In other words, customers are relying on our brand, and want our brand to stand for fast service and reasonable shipping times. So, unlike a lot of online stores, we won't take orders for products that you don't have in hard. On the other hand, if you have a really complex product that is hand soldered, and takes 2 weeks to build each unit, we can put that on the product page and if the customer is ok with it, and buys the product, then we are ok with it.

Alright, so we captured a customer order, we send you the order, you ship the order to the customer. When do you get paid? You get paid on a monthly cycle by adding all your sales up for the previous month and we confirm the customer received his product. This is important,since we are the "liable" party, we have to make sure the customer gets the product before we settle each months accrued payments. This is standard practice to protect us from the customers wanting refunds for damaged or non-received products, since we would have to pay them back out of our own pocket.

Last, but not least, the commission rate for us to sell the product on our site and handled all the aforementioned business logic is 15% plus 2.5% (if the customer uses Paypal or credit card payment) of the retail price

Note: This offer is only good for SMALL 1-5 man companies, start up, or Indie developers, commercial retailers will be charged industry standard rates.

For example, say your product has a retail price of $129.99 and a shipping of $7.99 for the customer's particular location:

Scenario 1: Customer uses cheque payment (no eCom fees):

Total product cost including shipping: $129.99 + $7.99 = $137.98
Commission: $137.98 * 0.15 = $20.70
We settle with you for $137.98 - $20.70 = $117.28

Scenario 2: Customer uses credit card or paypal

Total product cost including shipping: $129.99 + $7.99 = $137.98
Commission: $137.98 * ( 0.15 + 0.025) = $24.15
We settle with you for $137.98 - $24.15 = $113.83

What if I Don't Want to Work With You Guys Anymore?

That's simple, the contract allows you to terminate it at anytime for any reason. But, any outstanding products must be shipped, and any outstanding payments to you will be paid of course.

What About Manufacturing?

This all sounds great, I have everything done and a prototype, but I don't know the first thing about manufacturing a small run of units. Can you help? Yes, we definitely can. Our parent company Nurve Networks LLC, is a full blown embedded system development and manufacturing company, so we can get you in touch with the right person to help you manufacture your product in one of our Chinese plants. It's going to be a lot cheaper that doing it in the USA, but it's a very complex process.

The good news is that it's not that expensive for small, simple boards. Something that might cost $50 a unit in the USA, might only cost $20 in China, so this create enough "net margin", so you can make a profit and make a business or at least a profitable hobby out of your product. Our parent company Nurve can handle the entire process for you from a business respect and manufacture your product for you. And if you really want to manufacture in the USA and pay top dollar for premium product, we can make that happen as well. We have local manufacturing in Austin, Texas "Silicon Valley 2.0" and we can get your product manufactured locally as well.

How Do I Get Started?

That's simple, just contact us below, and let's start the conversation.


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