X-Band Motion Detector
X-Band Motion Detector
X-Band Motion DetectorX-Band Motion Detector
X-Band Motion DetectorX-Band Motion Detector

X-Band Motion Detector

Manufacturer: Parallax
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X-Band Motion Detector.X-Band Motion Detector.

The X-Band Motion Detector's sensor is a common component in security systems and automatic door openers and can detect movements within a room, yard, or even on the other side of a wall.

The X-Band Motion Detector operates in the X-band frequency, at 10.525 GHz and indicates detected movements with oscillations in its high/low output.Sensitivity is manually adjustable with a potentiometer, offering direct line of sight detection from roughly 8 to slightly over 30 ft (~2.4 to 9+ m).

Key Features:

  • Trim potentiometer for manually adjustable sensitivity.
  • 4-Pin SIP header for breadboard or through-hole prototyping.
  • Built-in series resistor for compatibility with the Propeller microcontroller and other 3.3 V devices.
  • Plated test point hole for monitoring pre-comparator signal.

Application Ideas:

  • Security systems.
  • Automatic door openers.
  • Automatic lighting.
  • Nuisance animal deterrence.


  • Operation frequency of 10.525 GHz.
  • Able to detect motion through walls and windows.
  • More immune to false triggers than passive infrared motion sensors.
  • Active-high enable pin with internal pull-up resistor.
  • Power supply requirements: regulated 5 VDC, 8 mA.
  • Communication: High (3.9 V) / low (0 V) signal oscillates with motion.
  • Dimensions: 1.8 x 1.75 x 0.75 in (46 x 45 x 19 mm).
  • Operating temp range: +32 to +131 °F (0 to +55 °C).

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