Digital Multimeter
Digital MultimeterDigital Multimeter
Digital Multimeter

Digital Multimeter

Manufacturer: Generic
Product Code: TEST-DMM7F-01
Weight:1.75 lb
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Price: $29.95
  • DC voltage: 100uV - 1000V.
  • AC voltage: 100uV - 700V.
  • DC current: 1uA - 20A.
  • AC current: 10uA - 20A.
  • Resistance: 0.1ohm - 200M ohm.
  • Capacitance: 1pF - 20uF.
  • Temperature: -50 - 500 C.

This versatile DMM offers a host of features in 59 ranges. Test AC and DC voltage, AC and DC current, resistance, capacitance, temperature and more. The large 3-1/2 digit display makes reading measurements easier. Includes a K-type thermocouple, test probes, 9V battery and instructions.


  • Easy-to-use rotary switch for FUNCTION and RANGE selection.
  • High sensitivity of 100mV.
  • Automatic overrange indication.
  • All ranges fully protected.
  • Diode testing with 1mA fixed current.
  • Temperature measurement with or without K-type thermocouple.
  • 3-1/2 digit LCD display, 0.8" tall characters.
  • Basic DC accuracy +/- 0.5% of reading.
  • Transistor hFE, diode and audible continuity tests.


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