ELEV-8 Quadcopter R/C Control

The Parallax ELEV8 quadcopter is a great flying machine. It uses a HoverFly board with a Propeller multicore microprocessor to electronically control stabilization of the aircraft. The benefits to this system are a stable platform, with no mechanical linkages for a small maneuverable and agile aircraft. The only things you need to provide is the RC radio equipment and battery.Thus you need to buy them separately.

The ELEV8 requires a minimum of 5 channels Radio transmitter, but of course you can't control any other extra device that you want your quadcopter to be equipped with: a camera or other servos. We suggest the user to buy a six channel RC radio together with a compatible receiver like these ones:

DX6i DSMX 6 Channel Full Range without Servo MD2 by SpektrumAR6210 6-Channel DSMX Receiver by Spektrum

As an alternative for more advanced users we suggest an eight channel R/C equipment like this:

DX8 DSMX Transmitter Only MD2 by SpektrumAR8000 8-Channel DSMX Receiver by Spektrum

Usually R/C transmitters are sold in different operational modes: Mode 1,2,3 and 4. Basically a "Mode" is the configuration of controls assigned to the sticks. There are conventions that are associated to the type of model you want to control: Gliders, Airplanes, Helicopters, Cars, Boats etc. 

R/C Mode Controls

The DX6 is sold in Mode 2 configuration, while the DX8 lets you decide which one you prefer from the settings menu of the transmitter software.

Our recommendation is to carefully think about what you would like to do with your quadcopter and if you are interested in experimenting more advanced features you should get a more advanced R/C equipment so that you can do more things.