Welcome to internet's newest embedded systems, hobby, and robotics site!

Welcome to iC0nstruX.com's pre-launch launch! The goal of the site is to create a place for engineers, hobbyists, students to visit, contribute and find cool products. We want to be a "boutique" site with hand picked products rather than simply a re-seller of everything and anything. So, rest assured if its on the site, WE have personally tested it, tried it, or sometimes designed it. As we roll the site out over the next few weeks and months, you will see more and more cool products, review videos, and the DNA of the site start to form.

Also, we know how hard it is to get into embedded development and sell products, so we want to support small teams and help them get their product out there in a professional way. So, make sure to check out the Sell Ur Stuff!!! link on the left panel if you fall into that category. Additionally, our parent companyNurve Networks LLC can help with manufacturing and guide you thru the bewildering world of off shore manufacturing.

So, think of this pre-launch launch as a small intimate invitation to our site. Look around, check it out, and see if there is anything that piques your interest. If you find problems or have questions or suggestions please email us at:




The iC0nstruX.com Team