Test Equipment/Gear

In this category you will find test equipment such as meters, logic analyzers, o-scopes, along with power supplies, and other "bench" equipment you might need in your electronic hacking.

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Understanding Signals with the PropScope Parts & Text Kit
This kit includes the PropScope USB, electronic components for breadboard circuits, and a printed te..
Logic Analyzer
This is a must have tool for analyzing, evaluating and "seeing" digital serial communicati..
Digital Logic Probe
This pen-sized logic probe can troubleshoot and analyze digital circuits with its sturdy, straightfo..
Digital Multimeter
This versatile DMM offers a host of features in 59 ranges. Test AC and DC voltage, AC and DC current..
Mastech MS8229 Auto-Range 5-in-1 Multi-functional Digital Multimeter
The newly released Sinometer MS8229 DMM is an improved and modified version of the widely praised Ma..
Universal Power Adapter
This universal power adapter fits into almost any international wall socket. It comes complete with ..
US Power Adapter
United States compatible AC-DC wall adapter. Outputs 9V at 500 mA, 2.1mm jack, tip positive, ring ne..