XGS™ AVR 8-Bit Development System
XGS™ AVR 8-Bit Development System
XGS™ AVR 8-Bit Development System
XGS™ AVR 8-Bit Development System
XGS™ AVR 8-Bit Development System
XGS™ AVR 8-Bit Development System
XGS™ AVR 8-Bit Development SystemXGS™ AVR 8-Bit Development System
XGS™ AVR 8-Bit Development SystemXGS™ AVR 8-Bit Development SystemXGS™ AVR 8-Bit Development SystemXGS™ AVR 8-Bit Development SystemXGS™ AVR 8-Bit Development SystemXGS™ AVR 8-Bit Development System

XGS™ AVR 8-Bit Development System

Manufacturer: Nurve Networks
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The core of the dev kit is the Atmel AVR 644P processor. This processor was chosen since its the top of the line in the Atmel 8-Bit MEGA line as well as it features the best mix of memory and speed (64K FLASH, 4K SRAM, 20+ MIPS). The XGS AVR 8-Bit throttles the processor to the edge by overclocking to 28+ MHz to support high speed NTSC signal generation. You can always slow the processor down by using its internal clock or by changing the external oscillator. PAL fans will be happy to know that you can replace the external oscillator with a multiple of 4.43Mhz oscillator as well and create fully compliant PAL video drivers. However, PAL fans can also use the VGA drivers until more support for PAL is developed.

The XGS AVR 8-Bit is designed to be an AVR dev kit first and foremost, but the design has been optimized for graphics, sound, and media exploration. The NTSC/PAL signal is generated by software on the AVR, but with "color helper hardware" that generates the complex composite chroma signal. Thus, with our assembly language graphics drivers, you simply write your code in C/C++ and make calls to the API and don't worry about it. Its all handled in interrupts. VGA is supported as well with a complete set of drivers, so can write more professional applications that display real-time data and other graphical information. 

The XGS AVR 8-Bit has a full arsenal of I/O devices and features including:

  • Atmel MEGA AVR 644P processor with 64K FLASH / 4K SRAM running at over 28 MIPS!
  • 500mA max power 3.3/5V dual supplies. 
  • VGA output with 2x2x2 RGB.
  • NTSC/PAL with color generation helper hardware (PAL support limited).
  • Micro SD card interface. 
  • Serial port for control and PC interfacing.
  • ISP and JTAG programming ports. 
  • PS/2 keyboard/mouse port. 
  • Expansion port header exporting numerous I/O, power, and signal lines for experimentation and mechatronic exploration.
  • Exported SPI and I2C buses.
  • Two game controller ports (Nintendo DB9 compatible).

XGS AVR 8-Bit Main Board Annotated.The Complete XGS AVR 8-Bit Kit (manual not shown).ULTRA Engine Demo Showing off fine scrolling, tiles, 32 sprites, text overlay and more!Atari Combat! Clone developed with tile engine in about 3-4 hours.VGA Racing demo showing off one of the tile engines.High resolution image distortion demo running with the classic "Parrot" image.Fire plasma demo running in real-time bitmapped mode.Serial communications game demo running on XGS AVR with terminal output on PC.Screen saver demo showing off a bitmap NTSC mode.Sound and music demo display, user controls notes with gamepad.High color bitmap demo showing off "Apple ][" low-rez high color mode.NTSC local terminal test output demo.3D Starfield demo, uses bitmap graphics mode.Sameple screen shot of AVR Studio IDE in action.Indy 500 demo running on NTSC this time.Bitmap geometry demo showing line and circle primitives.Block diagram of AVR644 processor core.AVR644 processor package pinouts.XGS AVR 8-Bit system design schematic.Make Magazine Reviewer Playing Centipede on the XGS AVR 8-bit.

The XGS™​ AVR 8-Bit is the ultimate fusion of art and science (check out videos in the Video Galley tab above). Developed to be a very competitive entry/midrange development kit for the Atmel MEGA AVR 644 processor with 64K FLASH, 4K SRAM, and running at 28+ MIPs. The kit was designed with the philosophy that you don't want to waste time trying to figure things out. This kit takes you step by step, saving you time, so you can learn quickly and have fun doing it! 

The XGS AVR 8-Bit Development Kit is based on Atmel's MEGA AVR 644 processor and is a highly integrated development kit for exploring the MEGA AVR processors in a fun and engaging way! If you're interested in AVR processors and want to learn more or just want to learn about microcontrollers in general this is a great way to do it. Designed for students, engineers, and professionals, the XGS AVR 8-Bit uses graphics, games, and media application to explore and learn about the very powerful MEGA AVR 644 processor (and in general the entire MEGA AVR line of processors in the process). The kit comes with everything you need to get up and running in moments, no additional purchases are necessary -- everything is "in the box".

Also included in the kit is the printed book "Inside the XGS AVR 8-Bit" (Download Table of Contents below). This enormous user manual and programming guide takes you from opening the box, installing the tool chain, to developing applications yourself in no time! The book begins with discussions of the hardware of the XGS AVR 8-bit for those more technically minded, then the book traverses the many APIs and libraries we have developed for you to program the XGS AVR 8-Bit yourself. All libraries are written in easy to understand C/C++ with ASM drivers for heavy lifting like graphics and I/O. Fear not though, there are numerous examples and demos that show how to use the XGS AVR 8-Bit to its fullest potential included graphics, sound, games, keyboard, SD interface, serial communications and much more. 

And if you want to make games with it, it's no secret that these XGS systems are designed with that in mind and the XGS AVR 8-Bit is no exception! It's the perfect little development platform to create 8-bit games that you can put together in a matter of hours to days with our APIs and examples.

If you're looking for the ultimate AVR development kit then the XGS AVR 8-Bit is exactly what you're looking for. Much more complete than the Uzebox and much more powerful than the Arduino!

Package Includes:

  • XGS AVR 8-Bit completely assembled.
  • 350+ page printed manual covering hardware, software, and numerous programming tutorials (sample at end of page).
  • Atmel AVR ISP MK II programmer + USB cable.
  • 9V USA compliant wall adapter power supply.
  • A/V cable.
  • XGS game controller.
  • DB9 PC serial port to XGS header converter.
  • DVD-ROM with numerous examples and complete driver library lncluding; Graphics, Sound, Keyboard, SD card, Serial Comms, Mechatronics, and lots more.

Bonus materials on DVD-ROM include electronic copies of:

  • "Design Your Own Video Game Console", LaMothe.
  • "Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus", LaMothe.
  • "The Black Art of 3D Game Programming", LaMothe.
  • "How to Design and Build Your Own Custom TV Games", Heisermam.

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