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4-Directional Tilt Sensor
The 4-Directional Tilt Sensor uses an optical system to provide positional feedback in four directio..
850NM T1 3/4 Phototransistor
This phototransistor responds to visible light as well as the lower infrared range. While not a d..
Altimeter Module MS5607
The Altimeter Module is a high resolution (20 cm) altimeter sensor. It will give extremely accurate,..
C2H5OH (Alcohol / Benzine) Gas Sensor
The C2H5OH Gas Sensor is used in gas detection equipment for detecting alcohol such as in a breath a..
C2H5OH (Alcohol / Benzine) Gas Sensor Module
The C2H5OH (Alcohol / Benzine) Gas Sensor Module is designed to allow a microcontroller to determine..
CH4 (Methane) Gas Sensor
The CH4 Gas Sensor is used in gas detection equipment for detecting Methane in home, automotive or i..
CO (Carbon Monoxide) Gas Sensor
The CO Gas Sensor is used in gas detection equipment for detecting Carbon Monoxide in home, automoti..
For sensing color, the ColorPAL uses its LED to illuminate a sample, one color component at a time, ..
Compass Module 3-Axis HMC5883L
The Compass Module is designed for low-field magnetic sensing with a digital interface. Perfect to g..
DS1620 Digital Thermometer
The DS1620 is a complete digital thermometer on a chip, capable of replacing the normal combination ..
Dual Ping/IR Acrylic Stand with Sensors
The PING))) Ultrasonic Distance Sensor is perfect for any number of applications that requ..
eTape Liquid Level Sensor
Solid-state eTape sensors make it easier to monitor the height of fluids — liquid or a fine po..
FlexiForce Sensor Demo Kit
This will allow you to demonstrate the resistive nature of the sensor with a resistor/capacitor disc..
Gas Sensor Board
The Gas Sensor Board is designed to work in conjunction with one of the gas sensors listed in catego..
Gyroscope Module 3-Axis L3G4200D
Raw angular rate and temperature data measurements are accessed from the selectable digital I2C or S..