SX-Key Programmer (USB)
SX-Key Programmer (USB)
SX-Key Programmer (USB)SX-Key Programmer (USB)
SX-Key Programmer (USB)SX-Key Programmer (USB)

SX-Key Programmer (USB)

Manufacturer: Parallax
Product Code: SX-USBKEY-01_45214
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SX-Key Programmer (USB).

The SX-Key is a compact development tool for the SX line of microcontrollers from Parallax, supporting every chip that is commercially available. Supported by the SX-Key software, the USB SX-Key programming tool can program SX chips in-system and perform in-circuit source-level debugging. Also at the user's fingertips is an on-board programmable clock. The frequency output of this clock is adjusted from the software with a slider bar between 400 kHz and 100 MHz. The software operates on a Windows platform and is compatible with Win98/XP/2000 platforms.


  • 100% compatible with the XGameStation Micro Edition's rear interface port.
  • 100% compatible with XGameStation Pico Editions.
  • Compact design saves space.
  • Direct support for all SX models.
  • In-System Programming and In-System Debugging Supported.
  • USB interface for easy connection to PC.
  • SX-Key IDE supports assembly language and SX/BASIC.

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