Dual Motor Driver MC33926
Dual Motor Driver MC33926
Dual Motor Driver MC33926Dual Motor Driver MC33926
Dual Motor Driver MC33926Dual Motor Driver MC33926

Dual Motor Driver MC33926

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Dual Motor Driver MC33926.Dual Motor Driver MC33926 - back view.

The dual MC33926 motor driver carrier is a breakout board featuring two Freescale MC33926 H-bridge ICs. It can supply up to almost 3 A continuous current per channel to two brushed DC motors at 5 – 28 V, and it can tolerate peak currents up to 5 A per channel for a few seconds, making this a great general-purpose motor driver for medium-sized DC motors and for differential-drive robots that use such motors.

The MC33926 supports ultrasonic (up to 20 kHz) pulse width modulation (PWM) of the motor output voltage, which eliminates the audible switching sounds caused by PWM speed control, and a current feedback circuit for each motor outputs an analog voltage on its respective FB pin that is proportional to the output current.

Since this board is a carrier for the Freescale Semiconductor MC33926 H-bridge, we recommend careful reading of the MC33926 datasheet (1MB pdf).

Key Features:

  • Breakout board for Freescale's MC33926 full H-Bridge brings a high quality and cost effective dual motor controller to your project.  
  • Delivers 3A continuously to each of the motor channels, enabling you to use varying sizes of dc motors without worry.  
  • Current feedback and undervoltage protection allow you to monitor your and fault safe your application.  
  • Reverse voltage protection on motor voltage (Logic voltage does not have the reverse protection).

Application Ideas:

  • Robotics.
  • DC Motor Control.


  • Voltage Requirements: 5 to 28VDC.
  • Communication: 3-5V TTL, PWM (up to 20kHz).
  • Operating Temp Range: -40°C to +125°C.
  • Dimensions: 1.10 x 1.8 in (2.79 x 4.57 cm).

NOTES: This product can get hot enough to burn you long before the chip overheats. Take care when handling this product and other components connected to it.  This can be improved by the addition of a heat sink or forced air flow.

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